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A  N E W ,   F A R   M O R E   A D V A N C E D   Y I E L D   G U I L D   D I M E N S I O N

When crypto gamers & a long time old school, crypto investor twist

the « yield guild » concept to its full potential.


For Loot And Glory’s guild is a community of players specialized in NFT Play to earn. We created this community to join forces and « capitalize » in order to maximize our revenue and take full advantage of every game we are in. Through our guild treasury and $FLAG Token (polygon chain) we will have the ability to know at any given time how many current members are active in each game. It also makes it possible to create events to support the needs of the members and reward them with a portion of the profits in the form of « Royalties » that the guild generates based on their commitment & holdings. Whether it’s private tournaments in Axie Infinity with top payouts or intensive farming weeks in CryptoRaiders, we’ve created a Decentralized Guild model where the community gets a real income for participating in the guild. Join our Discord, log in to our Dapps and claim your role based on the games you are active in, this will provide access to events and many rewards.



We strongly believe in decentralization. That’s why every investment the team makes using the community treasure chest will be announced and shared to all members (on our discord’s server).

Later on, the community will be able to vote for investments proposals the team makes, allowing every FLAG hodler to voice their needs, concerns & expectations.



Hodling FLAG is way more profitable than a simple Yield Guild token could offer. The community treasure chest will generate monthly income and will distribute 50% as « Royalties » to each of our members according to their FLAG holdings.

And the 50% left  will be reinvested in into various DeFi pools and tools to grow the chest and also into games assets such as game’s characters and gears.


Together we are stronger and so much more profitable. That’s why the ultimate goal of the guild is to use the vault and its output to provide a wider and easier access to Play To Earn and share the revenue the guild generates with all its members.Also, scholarships program will be later on the menu.

Once the Guild Treasury is launched, some events will be free to members, and others will be paid for by the community chest.




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